Announcement-denouncement for the arrest of the 5 comrades of Agia Paraskevi borough, and the operation of their extradition to the italian authorities

In the morning of Thursday 12 November, day of national general strike, the greek police carries out sudden invasion into the homes of 5 students and workers, residents of Agia Paraskevi borough, and arrests them under a European Arrest Warrant isddued by the italian authorities, who requests their extradition on the occasion of their adduction at a café in Milan 2/5/2015, the day after the May Day strike and the rally that occurred there. The next morning, after their presence to the prosecutor, the 5 arrested are released with restraing orders till the Athens Court of Appeal will resolve -very soon- their extradition to Italy.

We, the Workers Union In Publications, Bookstores, Photocopy Centers, Stationery of Attica (Athens, Greece), denounce in the most categorical way all those who inspired and materialised this such extreme and unprecedented reppressive approach. Both the italian authorities and their reppressive plans, as well as the cooperative -via transnational agreements- greek state, greek police and the clearly complicit coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL. Also, the coalition government has shown, as graphically as possible, that with the continuation of the memorandum-antilabour-antisocial policies (of course, similar policies are applied also in Italy), it also continues of what is necessary: the repression of struggles that opposes those policies. And in this task, the government has firmly beside them their partners in the EU.

We also stand by, with all of our power, the 5 arrested. We have come across with them in a series of class stuggles which as a union have given the recent years.

The prevention of this repressive approach against the 5 comrades concerns all of us. Because it is about a part of the -international- plan of the ever increasing criminalisation, repression and terrorisation of our class struggles, of the world of work, the opressed and the resisting parts of the society as a whole. What is prosecuted here -under the respective Italian legislation- is the very participation in protests and the common struggles of the opressed around the world.

We demand the immediate cessation of every prosecution of the 5 arrested.

We demand the dismissal of their extradition to Italy.

We invite all our coworkers, all the unions and labour collectives, and all the world of the struggles to participate in the solidarity movement about the prosecuted comrades, to put an end to this repressive approach.