At the protests of 17 November* in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, the students associations marched with banners supporting the five under extradition students.

At table with leaflets about the 5 students had already be placed at the National Technical University of Athens, and leaflets were distributed about the case during the protests of 17 November.

Read the leaflet here.

A banner supporting the struggle of both the 5 students and the italian defendants for the same case was also placed by the Thessaloniki Antiauthoritarian Movement.

Solidarity banner in Athens

Solidarity banner in Thessaloniki

Solidarity banner by Thessaloniki Antiauthoritarian Movement

*In 17 November 1973, the greek military junta sent the army in the streets of Athens to repress a social uprising -mostly by university students- against the military regime. At that day, a tank crashed through the gates of the National Technical University of Athens, and the combined forces of police and army murdered dozens of people.