In 1 May 2014 in Milan, occurred the May Day strike rally against the international exhibition Expo. A commercial exhibition that came in direct conflict with the undervalued lives of the Milanese residents, in a country which is already in crisis. An exhibition-feast of the international capital, that became the motive for further policing and massive evictions in working-class neighbourhoods in Milan.


The next day, massive adductions occurred, amongst which of 5 Greek university students protesters, who were submitted in obligatory taking of DNA and fingerprinting. Six months later, the italian authorities, using a legislative framework established for tackling the organised crime (human and drug trafficking), issued a European Arrest Warrant in an unprecedented action for the european standards. The greek authorities invade into their homes and arrest them, aiming at their extradition to Italy to stand trial.


The internationalisation of the prosecutions has as sole aim the criminalisation of the political action and the solidarity relations of those who struggle. Even the participation in a protest will be prosecuted. It is clear that the only charge that burdens the 5 students is the fact that they united their voices with thousands of people in Milan and elsewhere. The fact that they decided to resist to the fate which is prepared for us by those in power.


Thursday 3/12, 12:00 | Students march at Propylaea


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