In 1/5/2015, while traveling abroad, we participated in the May Day strike rally in Milan, which had as frontline the opposition to the Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015, which was taking place those days in Milan and was creating a suffocating economic and social climate at the expense of the lowest social strata in Milan.

In 2/5/2015, a day after the rally, and on the sole criterion of our departure from an occupied social center, we were adducted by the italian police in the context of massive adductions. After a detention of several hours without an interpreter, we were released with no charges accused.

In Thursday 12/11/2015, the greek authorities invaded into our homes, and we were arrested due to a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued by the prosecution authorities of Milan, which demand our arrest and extradition to Italy, because of our participation to the May Day strike rally. According to EAW, we were “sighted” to participate in actions of rioting.

The factual solidarity of the movement managed the cessation of our custody, while a judicial council is still pending to resolve our extradition to Italy, where there is no maximum duration of remand until the trial. It’s the first time since the EAW was established that the extradition of citizens of one EU state to another is demanded for political reasons.

As university students who participate in the student movement and its stuggles, in neighbourhood assemblies and in working class demands, we call the antagonistic movement as a whole to oppose and block our extradition to Italy, since this risk is now visible. When the grassroot movements select to meet against the international policies of austerity and devaluation, then the states choose to cooperate against them, aiming for the repression of the struggles by criminalising political action and as a result, this unprecedented circumstance which exceeds the interior of a country, and will leave a legacy for everyone.



The 5 university students requested by
the italian authorities