The Popular Unity party calls every pertinent public authorities to refuse the inadmissable extradition to Italy of the five Greek university students, who were arrested the day of a national general strike (12/11) in Agia Paraskevi borough, in the context of an unprecedented repressive operation for the implementation of a European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The five students, who are prosecuted on the occasion of their adduction in Milan 2/5, a day after the May Day strike rally, are on the risk of being under custody in the italian prisons till their trial, as the italian law doesn’t provide a maximum duration of remand until trial.

 The totalitarianisation of the state institutes, and the limitation of the democratic freedoms and procedural safeguards of the state of justice inside the EU, confirm today, with the worst way possible, the denouncements made from the beginning by the movements, that the EAW could be used uncontrollably for the repression of demos and collective mobilisations on a european level.

 We express our solidarity to the prosecuted students, and we call all the democratic citizens to activistic vigilance, as the resolution about the extradition of the five students will taken in the next 10-15 days.