On Saturday 28th of November , the day that had been declared european action day against the Expo 2015 that was also the 1St May celebration in Milan , during the movement against Expo , 4 students were taken into custody in Italy while 5 students were being prosecuted in Greece and they are now waiting the decree of the counsil of appeals , and the final answer to whether they are going to be released to the Italian authorities or not . More information on the subject here : http://free5.gr/ta-gegonota/

Demonstrations  have taken place in Greece as well as in Italy.


The Athenian call was summoning people to gather at 12.oo in Monastiraki square . The march was numbered over  2.000 people and followed a course from Syntagma square , through Ahinas and Stadiou streets , to Propulaia region.



The Patras’ call took place at 11.00 in Parartima . Two marches were formed and the participants were esteemed approximately  200 .



March has taken place in Rethimno as well. The call was summoning at 12.oo in front of the city hall.




lamiaIn the early afternoon hours , on 27/11 an intervantion of solidarity has taken place at the central square in favor of  the 5 perscuted students who are now being threatened with release to the italian authorities. Those who stand next to the 5 students displayed banners and handed out information sheets to the passers-by .The manifestations lasted for over an hour and no incidents of any kind occured.

During the early morning hours a solidarity action took place with recorded audio material in the local radiostation NET fm 101,9 fm .In our opinion those  repressive tactics shouldnt go unnoticed and they have to be annuled through  the blocking of the release of the 5 students!

Against the warrant of release of the 5 students !

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Striscione appeso in Piazza Verdi che porta solidarietà con gli arrestati per gli scontri del primo Maggio a Milano. Chi ha devastato e continua a devastare Milano è l’Expo! #28N Giornata solidale contro l’estradizione degli studenti greci e contro il reato di devastazione e saccheggio per gli studenti milanesi!Tutti liberi! #NoExpo #Free5

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Collettivo Universitario Autonomo Bologna στις Σάββατο, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2015