The european arrest warrant for the 5 activists students and their attempted extradition to the italian authorities, is a prosecution for political reasons and an attack to every human being. It is attempting to criminalise the participation to (national and international) protests and the social/class struggles, The broad solidarity movement for the 5 activists which struggles to block their extradition and the cessation of every prosecution against them, is a part of the broader mosaic of struggles for the blockage of the capitalist crisis.

Struggles and barricades like the one that takes place the last 2 years from trade workers, unions and collectives against the work in Sundays and the precarisation of their work. An antilabour law which aims clearly our class interests. When the struggles meet on the basis of practical solidarity and a network of grassroots processes, then they become denser and tougher. And when they manage to unify their powers and break through the divisions imposed by the upperclasses, then these struggles manage to win.

The solidarity assembly to the 5 activists students participates and calls at the strike demo in Sunday 13/12, at 13:00, in Chauteia.

Let’s put upfront the intrests of our class! The shops on Sundays must remain closed! 
Against the criminalization and the oppression of our social struggle.