On the 2nd of May in Milan, at a cafeteria near an occupied social center, a massive wave of adductions takes place, part of which were also 5 students from Ayia Paraskevi ( a suburb in Athens), who participate in the students’ movement and it’s struggles,  in the neighborhoods’ popular assembly and in labour and class demands. Thereafter the adducted stayed for 12 hours at the police headquarters of Milan, without an interpreter, where their DNA and fingerprints were taken and finally were released without any charges.

6 months later, the Italian authorities decide to issue a European Arrest Warrant, by which they inquire the extradition of the 5 fellow strugglers in Italy with the only clue of having been “sighted” taking part in actions of rioting on the day of the 1st May Demonstration (without being clarified by whom or what they were sighted doing). As frontline of the strike was the opposition to Expo (universal exhibition which is organized at regular intervals for the advertising of products of industry and capitalism.)

In 12/11, day of general nationwide strike in Greece, takes place an unprecedented series of repression for our city. The greek police authorities invade, at dawn, in the homes of the 5 students and are taken to GADA (general police headquarters of Athens), where they are under detention for 24 hours. The same day, at noon, the city hall of Ayia Paraskevi is being occupied by the neighborhood’s popular assembly and people who show solidarity as a symbolical act. A massive assembly follows, and right thereafter a demonstration of 300 people at the streets of the city. The next day the city council requests  that the students are not extradited while at the same time students’ associations and labour unions adopt similar resolutions of support. In the meanwhile , with the  presence of a rather big number of people being solidary at the Court of Appeal, they are released from the prosecutor on restraining orders ( presence at the police department of Ayia Paraskevi 3 times a week and prohibition of leaving the country), while a judicial council, which will decide whether the students will be extradited in Italy, is still pending.

We, as an open residents’ assembly, denounce this unprecedented frame-up aiming the prosecution and extradition of our fellow social fighters, who were arrested under the European Arrest Warant (EAW),  in Italy, something which is applied for the first time on protesters. In this way  the connection between social, class fights and actions of the common criminal law is attempted, something that shows a tendency of the member states of the EU towards the repression and criminalization of the collectiveness of people and of the internationalization of their struggles, so as to intensify exploitation and fear.

We actualize the meaning of community. We don’t let anyone undefended from the brutality of impoverishment and the continuous devaluation of our lives. This prosecution burdens all of us who chose not to stay indifferent to anything that is happening around us. We must react together against those who build their political careers and profit upon the backs and needs of the repressed.

We defend the choice of the 5 students to join voices with Europe’s repressed.

We call everybody to mobilize in order to block the extradition to Italy.

We stay till the end to the sides of our fellow strugglers until every prosecution against them ceases.


Saturday 21/11
Open Talk at the 1st Elementary School of Ayia Paraskevi (Ayiou Ioannou 27) at 18.00

Tuesday 28/11
Gathering at the Italian Embassy (Vasilissis Sofias & Sekeri ) at 18.00

Saturday 28/11
European Day of Action & demonstration at Monastiraki, at 12.00


Open Assembly of Ayia Paraskevi’s Residents

Free5.gr (campaigne against the extradition of the 5 students to the Italian authorities)